Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery

Scar sparing techniques

For breast reduction surgery, we use scar sparing techniques and supplement breast reduction with jetstream liposculpture to further reduce scarring, improve shape and eliminate weight.

In breast reduction, we further find that use of the laserdissection results in less tissue trauma, better scarring and a faster recovery. It is an effective way to reduce tissue bulging on the lateral aspects of the breasts.

Pleasant breast shape

Normal instay is one to two days.

In some cases, breast reduction may be combined with abdominoplasty and Jetstream liposculpture of other parts of the body (a combination commonly referred to as “mummy makeover”).

In breast reduction, the breasts are uplifted and reshaped in the same procedure. The result is a pleasant feminine breast shape and a breast size suiting the overall frame of the patient. In some cases, breast reduction surgery is funded by your healthcare insurer. This will usually depend on the expected resection weight.

  • Before-mastopexia y reducción mamaria
    After-mastopexia y reducción mamaria
    Before mastopexia y reducción mamaria After


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