We present the case of a 33-year old patient,submuscular breast augmentation with 245 cc Natrelle round full profile implants. The patient was specifically requesting a full cleavage and a feminine look, therefore we recommended to “supercharge” the augmentation with lipofilling (fat transfer breast augmentation).This technique enables us to shape the breast to a very feminine yet natural shape.

We find that “supercharged ” silicone gel breast augmentation yields especially good results in all cases where patients are looking for a substantiative augmentation of two or more cup sizes, a full projection and yet want to have as little silicone as possible.

Lipofilling (fat transfer breast augmentation) is also used for the outer lower pole to reduce palpability of the implants.

For this result only 245cc+ around 150cc of fat per side were used, without the addition of fat the patient would have been looking at nearly 400cc of silicone. We try to harvest the necessary fat from problem zones where patients want to get rid of fat anyway, so to assure that they have some collateral advantage increasing their overall satisfaction.

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Supercharged Breast Augmentation. Supercharged Breast Augmentation.