This patient, a young lady of rather thin complexion, suffered from the loss of volume and projection of her breasts. What troubled her that whilst she had a very attractive face, her body had a complete lack female shapes and curves. We performed subpectoral (submuscular) breast augmentation with 345cc Natrelle round moderate projection implants. On request of the patient we used an inframammary (under the breast) incision.

Alternatively, one could have considered a periareolar approac. The patient had fair coloured areola with appropriate diameter. Under such circumstances, the periareolar incision gives a very good result with an inconspicious scar.

However, the patient preferred the inframmamary incision, and patient preference was decisive. The operation resulted in a very female looking breast with excellent shape and good projection, to the liking of the patient


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Breast augmentation with Implants (Natrelle) Breast augmentation with Implants (Natrelle) Breast augmentation with Implants (Natrelle)