29-year old patient, submuscular breast augmentation with 305 cc anatomical (teardrop) moderate plus profile microtextured implants. Microtextured implants are ideal for breast augmentation They are very smooth to touch but yet dispose of enough texture to protect against capsular contracture. They are ideal for breast augmentation patients who put emphasis on a very smooth, natural feel. Implants are far less palpable when using this type of implant.
For patients with similar body shapes, it is our experience that breast augmentation with submuscular implantation and use of a moderate profile a very natural look is achieved with round implants. Microtextured implants will top patient satisfaction after breast augmentation due to their very pleasant feel. Our preferred alternative to silicone gel implants is the patients own fat. Our team has specialised in non vascularised fat transfer techniques, for natural filling and voume restoration mainly in the breast and the buttocks. The protocols that we have refined over years of experience and hundreds of clinical cases pillows mainly on water jetstream assisted fat transfer with or without additional microcentrifugation, addition of the patient’s own growth factors (in the form of platelet rich plasma, PRP).

For patients who want a relatively natural volume augmentation breast augmentation with the patients own fat is our procedure of choice, but in this case there was no fat as donor site available.

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reast augmentation with cohesive silicone gel implants reast augmentation with cohesive silicone gel implants