BodyJet EVO pulsed water Jetstream (Body-Jet)

Breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Spain and worldwide (second only to liposuction). Cirumed Clinic is Spain’s leader in fat transfer with Water Jetstream liposuction. This has made us national reference center for fat transfer, both for aesthetic as well as for reconstructive indications. Our surgeons have the experience of hundreds of cases, and are regularly invited to lecture on their techniques at national and international conferences.

Natural results

The simultaneous removal of an unwanted fat deposit does significantly contribute to a higher patient satisfaction in BodyJet EVO breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a local anesthetic day case procedure. Patients go home the same day and recovery is kept to a minimum.

BodyJet Water Jetstream assisted breast augmentation with fat requires no scars and has got very predictable results. Troublesome fat deposits elsewhere are treated at the same time as the breast augmentation.
For patients who are not suitable for the technique or who prefer silicone implant breast augmentation,breast implants for breast augmentation are tailored to the needs of each individual indication, anatomical or round.

Of special interest for patients with moderate fat deposits, fat transfer and silicone gel implants can be successfully combined. This procedure is also known as “supercharged breast augmentation” is currently the most sophisticated approach in modern aesthetic breast surgery.
Results of supercharged breast augmentation are significantly superior as compared to implants only.

In Supercharged breast augmentation, first a small silicone gel implant is placed submuscularly, and the final breast volume is created with subcutaneous volume shaping via BodyJet fat transfer.This enables the surgeon to create a full, yet natural cleavage, and create a female and aesthetic breast shape. This silicone gel implant can be either round, anatomical or conical, at patients’ preference. The added fat grafting helps to smoothen the implant borders, enhance the cleavage area and fill the gap between the breasts.

Supercharged composite breast augmentation also enables us to shape the breasts far beyond the limitations of implants only. In supercharged breast augmentation, the shape of the breast is designed to the patients desires and not toward the range of available implants.

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Frequently asked questions about Breast Augmentation with Fat transfer

Will the transplanted fat survive?

BodyJet Pulsed Water Jetstream liposuction is a very effective technology in fat transfer, with a very reliable success rate. In fat transfer breast augmentation, roughly 70% of fat survival rate is common and to be expected. In fat transfer to the buttocks, average success rate is even higher.
This is due to the higher percentage of muscle in the buttocks.

Does the Fat Grafted Result in Abnormal Calcifications Noted on Mammography?

No. Changes induced by the fat are easily distinguishable from anything else by any reasonably qualified radiologist.

Is the effect permanent?

The transferred fat should usually stay permanently.
Of course, your body will continue to change with age.

Does fat transfer breast augmentation require multiple sessions?

This depends on what you want to achieve. Fat transfer breast augmentation can usually achieve up to maximum one cup size per session. If patients want more, a second session can be added.

Do I need a BRAVA expansion?

This is a very frequent question. In theory, BRAVA is a very good addition to fat transfer breast augmentation. We offer this option to patients, but generally patient acceptance is very low. The outcome of fat transfer breast augmentation with BodyJet technology is excellent, and most patients will rather opt for a second sessions than accept the inconvenience of weeks BRAVA external expansion. This is mostly a patient decision.

I have implants and I want to have them removed and have fat instead. Is that possible?

Yes, this is frequently done. Fat transfer after implant explantation works better because the surgeon can make use of the capsule for fat transfer.

What anesthesia is used in fat transfer breast augmentation?

When performing fat transfer breast augmentation using the BodyJet EVO fat transfer technology, we usually use local anesthesia with twilight sedation.

How long do I have to stay in hospital?

Fat transfer breast augmentation does not require hospitalization. Patients can go home the same day of the procedure.

Can I have a Brazilian butt lift together with fat transfer breast augmentation?

We are frequently confronted with this question. Brazilian butt lift means fat transfer to the buttocks. It is one of our most frequently requested procedures, and outcomes of fat grafting to the buttocks are usually excellent. However, when combined with fat transfer breast augmentation, the problem will be positioning of the patient.

Who is the Best Candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation?

Patients who have a fat deposit troubling them which they can exchange for more natural volume in their breasts are usually the ideal candidates for this procedure.

What is the recovery?

For fat transfer breast augmentation only, plan a day case procedure under local anesthetic with discharge the same day. Discomfort should be expected for further 3-4 days. Individual variations apply.

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