Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, has become one of the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures. There are many reasons: on the one hand, techniques have become more advanced and offer natural results, and on the other hand, there is a growing preference for a curvy yet balanced figure.

What a Brazilian butt lift involves

There are four butt shapes: square, round, V-shaped, or inverted heart shaped. The latter is considered the most attractive. But because of genetics, weight loss or age, many people don’t have the voluminous buttocks they want.

A Brazilian butt lift, together with the Supercharged BBL, is one of the aesthetic medicine procedures that can help you get a round, toned bum. The technique consists of extracting fat from the patient in order to inject it into the buttocks.

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

This fat that will add volume to the buttocks is extracted via liposuction from areas where fat most often accumulates: the abdomen, flanks and thighs. On the one hand, this shapes and lifts the buttocks and, on the other, it slims the figure and helps you get that proportioned, attractive hour-glass figure.

But the Brazilian butt lift has become so popular recently because it offers other benefits:

It’s an alternative when diet and exercise do not work

Eliminating localised fat in certain areas is not easy and diets don’t always work. Something similar happens with exercise, which is sometimes not enough to lift and tone the butt. A BBL is a procedure that allows you to flaunt toned, seductive buttocks when neither diet nor exercise have worked.

A natural-appearing silhouette

One of the biggest benefits of a Brazilian butt lift over other procedures is that the result is absolutely natural. You will have a slimmer waist that is in proportion. But it’s not only how it looks, the buttocks also feel natural to the touch.

Nearly immediate, long-lasting results

A Brazilian butt lift is done in a single surgery and has a short recovery period. The results can be noted in a short period of time, as soon as the inflammation goes down.

What’s more, by following the surgeon’s post-operative instructions and proper follow-up, the results last over time. The fat cells extracted do not proliferate in the donor areas and once they are injected, they behave exactly like those in the receiving area.

A Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure

The risk of complications of this procedure is low, provided that it is performed by an experienced professional and the patient follows his or her instructions. Also, the possibility of an allergic reaction is minimal because the fat is autogenous, that is, it’s the patient’s own fat.

A more attractive image that boosts your self-esteem

Your personal image holds a lot of power. Feeling comfortable with your physique helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem levels. This can indirectly have a positive influence on your social and work relationships.

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