Why do people undergo a Brazilian butt lift surgery procedure?  

The Brazilian butt lift procedure has become incredibly popular in recent years because it promises an hourglass figure, something that people have been trying to achieve for decades. This procedure simultaneously reduces excess fat from the abdomen and waistline while enhancing the buttocks, helping the patient achieve a rounded and curvaceous body. Furthermore, in an age when people are increasingly concerned about placing artificial/ foreign objects in their bodies, the BBL procedure is more appealing because it’s performed using the patient’s own fat cells. The popularity of the Brazilian butt lift surgery procedure can be attributed to numerous factors, which we highlight below.

The BBL plastic surgery helps you achieve curvaceous buttocks

The primary goal of the BBL plastic surgery is to help patients achieve curvaceous buttocks, an aesthetic that has become extremely popular in the social media and Kardashian age. As more people highlight the curvaceousness of their buttocks on Instagram and TikTok, it drives a greater demand amongst individuals to achieve a similar visual aesthetic. The BBL surgery procedure makes that aesthetic possible.

The Brazilian butt lift reduces excess fat cells from other regions

The BBL surgery procedure doesn’t simply enhance the buttocks; it also reduces excess fat cells from other parts of the body. If you’re dissatisfied with the excess fat pockets in your abdomen, the BBL surgeon can perform liposuction to extract the excess fat cells and transfer them to the buttocks. As such, in addition to enhancing your buttocks, it addresses another part of your body, making it a two-in-one solution.

The hourglass BBL helps you achieve the perfect beach body

The hourglass figure has been a highly desired and coveted figure for decades. Most people seek rounder breasts that taper down into a slim waistline before expanding into curvaceous buttocks. Until recently, the hourglass figure has largely been a fantasy or at least something possessed by an extremely limited number of people. But the BBL surgery procedure makes the hourglass figure attainable, which makes the procedure highly desirable.

The BBL surgery procedure is personalized for you

Unlike many other surgical procedures, BBL surgery is always personalized according to your specific needs. The BBL surgeon extracts excess fat cells from specific regions of your body and carefully layers them into your buttocks to help you achieve the desired butt shape. The BBL surgeon might guide you through the process, helping you identify the ideal butt shape for your anatomy, but the final decision is yours.

The BBL procedure is performed using autologous fat cells

The BBL surgery procedure is completely natural, and it’s performed using natural components of your body. The BBL surgeon harvests fat cells from your body, purifies the fat cells, and injects them into your buttocks. The entire procedure is performed using natural fat cells from your body, so there are no risks of infections or allergic reactions. This procedure also negates the risks associated with implants.

What happens during a BBL procedure?

The BBL procedure combines two highly effective and popular surgical techniques to help you achieve the ideal hourglass figure — liposuction and fat transfers. During your BBL consultation, the BBL surgeon carefully examines your body, discusses your goals, and curates a personalized BBL surgery procedure, which involves selecting the ideal donor sites. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you don’t feel anything.

The BBL surgeon will make a small incision on the donor site, such as the abdomen or thighs, and insert a specialized hollow tube known as a cannula. The cannula suctions out excess fat cells from the donor site. The BBL surgeon closes the incision and purifies the fat cells. The finalized fat cells are carefully injected into targeted areas on your buttocks to enhance their volume and shape, helping you achieve the desired contours.

What is the difference between a butt augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift?

The terms “butt augmentation” and a “Brazilian butt lift” are often used interchangeably, but they have some major differences. Butt augmentation is generally performed using butt implants. The plastic surgeon places silicone implants into the buttocks to enhance their volume. But a BBL surgery procedure is performed using natural fat cells extracted from another part of the body. If you want significant enhancements in the volume of your buttocks, our plastic surgeons can also combine butt implants with fat transfers in a procedure known as Supercharged BBL.

Where can the fat be taken from?

The fat cells can be harvested from any part of the body with excess fat cells. The most common donor sites for fat cells include the tummy, thighs, arms, and back. The BBL surgeon can’t take fat cells from regions that don’t have enough fat.

How long of a recovery period can I expect?

The entire BBL surgery recovery period lasts for around 6 weeks. You should avoid lying down on your back or sitting down for the first two weeks, following which you can gradually return to your daily activities and work. Please follow the BBL surgeon’s aftercare guidelines to ensure optimal recovery.

Is BBL for a thin patient possible?

BBL surgery procedure is only possible if the patient has excess fat cells in another part of the body. If you are extremely thin and don’t have enough fat cells for harvesting, you may not be a good candidate. Please talk to your BBL surgeon to discuss your buttock enhancement options.

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