What is the supercharged Brazilian butt lift?

The supercharged Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that combines butt implants with fat transfers. The supercharged BBL modifies the steps involved in a standard Brazilian butt lift. The standard BBL procedure involves harvesting excess fat cells from the donor sites, such as the thighs, back, tummy, and hips, and injecting them into the buttocks. As such, your natural fat cells are transferred from various parts of the body to your buttocks, making your butt look fuller and more voluminous.

The supercharged Brazilian butt lift goes one step further than the standard BBL procedure. In addition to transferring autologous fat cells from your body, the BBL surgeon also places cohesive silicone butt implants. The BBL surgeon selects the ideal butt implant shape and size according to your butt size and goals. The supercharged BBL procedure allows you to achieve immediate and dramatic results. If the results of a standard BBL procedure aren’t enough, you may consider the Brazilian butt lift supercharged.

How are supercharged BBL procedures different?

The supercharged BBL procedure is an advanced version of the standard Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The standard Brazilian butt lift involves using excess fat cells to augment your buttocks. The BBL surgeon performs fat transfers to elevate and shape your buttocks, which helps you achieve a more contoured appearance. But since the standard BBL relies exclusively on your natural fat cells, the results have inherent limitations, which may necessitate a supercharged Brazilian butt lift procedure.

There’s a limit to the amount of fat cells your surgeon can harvest from different parts of your body. Furthermore, even after harvesting excess fat cells and transferring them to your buttocks, your body reabsorbs a large number of those fat cells, so the results gradually diminish with time. You can still achieve dramatic enhancements in the size of your buttocks, but some patients want to take the results even further. And that’s where the traditional BBL falls short.

Furthermore, the standard BBL procedure is only suitable for patients with excess fat deposits in various parts of the body. If you’re extremely thin and don’t have enough fat cells to donate, the results of your BBL will also be limited. In these situations, a supercharged BBL guarantees results because it involves using butt implants to enhance the volume of your buttocks. The surgeon will select the ideal size to enhance the volume and shape of your buttocks.

What should I expect during my buttock enhancement recovery?

You can expect redness, swelling, tenderness, and discomfort around the treatment areas during your buttock enhancement recovery. You can take over-the-counter pain medications to alleviate soreness and discomfort. You will also have to wear compression garments for a few days or weeks to reduce swelling and bruising. Your stitches will have to be removed after a week unless your BBL surgeon has used dissolvable sutures.

You must avoid sitting on your buttocks for a few weeks after surgery. You must also avoid lying down on your back — instead, you should lie down on your stomach or sides. While it’s perfectly normal to experience a little soreness, swelling, and bruising, you must look for signs of infections. If your incision sites are warm or red or if you notice oozing and discoloration, you must contact your BBL surgeons immediately.

You can resume light activities after a week, but you should take at least two weeks off work. Strenuous workouts and activities must be avoided for at least four to six weeks.

Is supercharged Brazilian butt lift surgery safe?

The supercharged Brazilian butt lift is a safe surgical procedure, especially when performed by highly-skilled, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeons. Since the fat cells are harvested from other parts of your body, there’s no risk of your body rejecting the fat cells or developing negative reactions. However, all surgical procedures carry an inherent risk of infections, complications, and implant rejection.

Our BBL surgeons use cutting-edge techniques and all necessary precautions to ensure your BBL surgery is safe. But if you notice any signs and symptoms of infections, such as discoloration, warmth around the incision sites, redness around the incisions, and discharge, you must contact your plastic surgeon immediately. Please follow the surgeon’s aftercare guidelines to ensure a safe recovery process.

Will the supercharged BBL replace the Brazilian butt lift?

The supercharged BBL is an extremely effective and popular procedure. But it can’t replace the standard Brazilian butt lift procedure. Both procedures have their unique advantages. The standard Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure is performed using autologous fat cells harvested from your body, so it’s generally considered to be safer. And it’s more suitable for patients who don’t like the idea of placing foreign objects in their bodies.

But if the Brazilian butt lift’s results are insufficient for you or you don’t have enough fat cells in your body, you can boost the results with a supercharged BBL procedure. The Brazilian butt lift procedure is likely to remain the standard buttock augmentation procedure, but the supercharged BBL can opt for enhanced and dramatic results for some patients. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your goals and select the ideal procedure for you.

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