Fat transfer

Brazilian Butt Lift is capable of achieving impressive results in body contouring

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the ideal procedure to achieve a splendid beach body.

Buttock augmentation with your own fat is the “ideal” procedure in Plastic Surgery: unwanted fat is first removed from a part of the body, and then the extracted fat is used to shape and increase the volume of the buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Augmentation is capable of achieving impressive results in body contouring without scars and without having to use silicone implants. Our surgeons have a special clinical interest in this procedure, which is one of the most requested by our patients. Cirumed Clinic Marbella is one of the first and only clinics in Europe specialized in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Our team operates hundreds of cases each year and our surgeons are constantly invited and requested to share their expertise at lectures around the world. Body Jet (water-assisted) liposuction is an excellent tool to complement this procedure, allowing large amounts of fat to be harvested. In our clinical experience, Body Jet technology has proven to be by far the most effective liposuction technique. Since 2013, our department has acquired two new new systems, the second generation of Body Jet, called Body Jet EVO, which has a superior performance to the previous one, being able to collect larger fat deposits in less time and being less invasive for the patient, and notably favoring the performance of the Brazilian buttock augmentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Butt Lift

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

During Brazilian butt lift surgery, the surgeon removes fat from classic problem areas such as the abdomen, back, and flanks and transfers it to the buttocks. The goal is to create a slim, defined line and enhance the buttocks. Every year Cirumed surgeons perform hundreds of Brazilian butt lifts. Quite deservedly, Cirumed is positioned not only as a leader in Europe but as a world reference regarding the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

What is Cirumed Clinic's experience in Brazilian Butt Lift?

Our team of surgeons has been performing hundreds of Brazilian butt lift surgeries each year. Dr. Aslani is the first European surgeon to have written a scientific publication about the Brazilian Butt Lift in an academic journal specializing in plastic surgery. Cirumed surgeons have lectured on the technique at international conferences held in Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, and many more. In 2014, Dr. Aslani organized and taught a course, which he repeats annually, specialized for other surgeons who want to learn the technique, the first course of its kind in Europe. With all these antecedents, Cirumed Clinic is valued very highly regarding Brazilian Buttock Augmentation surgeries.

Who are good candidates for a Buttock Augmentation?

Most patients with moderate excess fat can achieve a pronounced and significant buttock augmentation with this surgery. The ideal candidates are those who are 10 to 20% overweight over their ideal weight and have very localized fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks. These patients can achieve very satisfactory results with the Brazilian But Lift.

Where does the fat for the Brazilian Butt Augmentation come from?

Fat is generally harvested from the hips, flanks, abdomen, and lower back for buttock enhancement. This varies in each particular case.
In Brazilian Butt Lift, we generally try to reshape the waist area as much as possible. This helps increase the appearance of the buttocks, creating a very attractive hourglass shape.

What percentage of the extracted fat can be used to graft it on the buttock?

In Jet-assisted liposuction combined with cellular purification, the rate of fat capture can be around 80% and sometimes more.

Does Brazilian Butt Lift leave scars?

The surgeon will need to make some very small incisions (2-3 mm) to insert the cannulas, which usually heal very well and are rarely visible. Please note that the incisions may become inflamed during the first few weeks.

Why use laser liposuction to retract the skin after Brazilian Butt Lift?

To obtain a perfect result of Brazilian Butt Lift with an hourglass figure, we must accentuate the waistline as much as possible.
High definition laser liposuction helps to obtain a very good retraction of the skin and contributes to a very good result if it is applied after fat extraction with Jetstream Water.

How long does the fat implanted in the Brazilian Butt Lift last?

The transplanted fat can potentially last a lifetime if it receives a good blood supply to its new place, the buttock.

What are the risks and complications associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

When performed correctly, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an extremely safe surgery, with a very high rate of patient satisfaction. The important thing is to avoid placing too many fat grafts on the buttocks, which can be a source of problems later on.

How should I plan my buttock augmentation surgery if I am a foreign patient?

Currently, 60% of our Brazilian Butt Lift patients are foreigners, mainly from other parts of Europe where this type of procedure is not available.
The reason is that very few surgeons in Europe have extensive experience in this procedure, having to take some risky trips and dubious offers.
Due to the large number of patients traveling from far away, we have developed protocols for the care of these patients. Our patient coordinator will guide you through the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery process at Cirumed Clinic.

What is the recovery time for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most patients can return to work within a week. Return to full activity varies from case to case but normally occurs within 2-3 weeks. Buttock Augmentation with fat has a shorter recovery period than buttock surgery with implants. Special clothing (to control swelling) must be worn for a few weeks.

Safety in Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most exciting procedures in contemporary plastic surgery. It is a procedure capable of achieving impressive results in the modification of the figure of the body and very happy patients.
Brazilian butt lift is also very safe, as long as it is done correctly. However, it can be very problematic if not done properly. An excessive injection of fat, a too superficial liposuction or a lack of application of the strictest hygiene protocols can put the patient’s safety at risk.
Read more about the importance of strict health measures in Brazilian butt lift surgery.

What is expansive vibratory fat pad (EVL)?

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After