body feminisation procedures

body feminisation procedures

Hormonal differences make the silhouette of a woman very different from that of a man. These differences are most clearly seen in a woman’s curvier figure, in which the hips and buttocks give the body that attractive hourglass shape. Body feminisation procedures allow for shaping trans women’s bodies to achieve a silhouette they truly identify with.

Oestrogen treatments help redistribute body fat. However, some trans women need a bit of help so that their figure has the curves they want. Curves in the hips and buttocks that the male body doesn’t have. This is the aspect that body feminisation procedures focus on.

What are body feminisation procedures are like

Body feminisation procedures seek to alter the figure and ensure everything is proportional, balanced and feminine. To achieve this, you have to transfer fat, especially from the waist, hips and shoulders, to the buttock area. Therefore, different procedures are combined:

  • Liposculpture: this procedure consists of extracting fat from where it accumulates. Only small incisions need to be made and this allows for killing two birds with one stone: on the one hand it reduce volume and on the other hand it shapes those areas, given that the points that fat and adipose tissue are extracted from are carefully chosen.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): the fat cells extracted in the liposculpture procedure are injected into specific areas of the hips and buttocks. This way, you can get the volume needed for that full, feminine look.
  • Supercharged BBL: this procedure is done when not enough fat cells can be obtained for injection. In this case, in addition to the fat transfer, buttock implants are also placed.

Body feminisation procedures give the figure truly feminine proportions and characteristics, with soft, attractive curves. But the change in physical appearance is just one of the benefits for trans women who want to alter their silhouette. Emotionally, it is also a decisive step toward feeling truly fulfilled and comfortable with their body.

The key: trust the true specialists

A body feminisation procedure requires a detailed study of each patient so that the final result is not only proportioned, but responds to their needs and expectations. There are many aspects that must be evaluated: the volume of fat that can be extracted, donor and receptor sites, the volume the patient wishes to gain in the buttocks and hips and, of course, the recovery time.

Only experienced professionals in body feminisation can advise on the most suitable procedures for each person, explaining in detail how they are done, what you can expect from them, what the recovery time will be and what post-operative care is needed to avoid discomfort and ensure optimal, long-lasting results.

Remember that body feminisation procedures are safe and offer immediate results, meeting even the most stringent of expectations. But it’s essential to trust qualified specialists with ample experience, such as the Cirumed Clinic medical team.

You can get that hourglass figure you’ve always dreamed of and feel more feminine than ever. It’s simple: book your appointment and take that step to make your dreams come true.