Who is the Best BBL, Brazilian Butt Lifting Surgeon?

If you’re about to undergo a BBL surgery, you need to find the best plastic surgeons for a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Alexander Aslani is widely considered one of the best BBL surgeons in the world, especially since he has pioneered the Supercharged BBL procedure that helps patients achieve enhanced BBL surgery results in a safe manner. If you want to enhance the volume of your buttocks, please contact Dr. Aslani or any of the other plastic surgeons at Cirumed Clinic, one of the most reliable cosmetic plastic surgery centers in Marbella, Spain.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. Until recently, breast augmentation had been the most popular procedure, but the BBL surgery has overtaken breast augmentation in popularity in recent years. The BBL surgery involves harvesting excess fat cells from the donor region in your body, such as the abdomen, and transferring the excess fat cells to the buttocks. The excess fat cells are carefully layered into the buttocks to help you achieve fuller and more voluminous buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is essentially a combination of two essential procedures — liposuction and fat grafting. The plastic surgeon uses the latest liposuction techniques to draw excess fat cells from the donor region, such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, and lower back. After extracting the fat cells, the surgeon purifies the fat cells and injects them into the buttocks. This procedure offers two benefits — it sculpts and slims down the donor site while enhancing the buttocks. The entire procedure concludes within 2 to 4 hours, and the recovery period lasts for 6 weeks.

Introducing the Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift is Cirumed Clinic’s unique modification to the traditional BBL cosmetic surgery. The traditional BBL procedure is only suitable for patients with excess fat cells in the donor site, and the volume enhancements are relatively low. If you want massive enhancements in the volume of your buttocks, you can opt for the Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift, which combines natural fat grafts with butt implants. This butt enlargement procedure helps you achieve the ideal body shape and contours, even if you don’t have excess fat cells in donor areas.

Your BBL Consultation

Your BBL cosmetic surgery starts with a thorough BBL consultation with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will discuss your goals, examine your treatment areas, mark the donor sites on your body, and determine if you need a traditional BBL surgery or a Supercharged BBL. The plastic surgeon will curate the ideal BBL surgery treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals, keeping you in the loop throughout the ideation. The plastic surgeon will also walk you through every aspect of the treatment so you know what to expect.

Preparing for the BBL Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Stop smoking at least four weeks before your BBL cosmetic surgery.
  • Continue abstaining from smoking for four weeks after the BBL surgery.
  • Stop taking certain medications that may cause excess bruising and impact your recovery — your plastic surgeon will review your ongoing medications to offer recommendations.
  • Inform the plastic surgery clinic about your health conditions and medication usage.

Your BBL Surgery Procedure

Your BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so you will be awake throughout the procedure. The entire procedure takes around 3 hours. The plastic surgeon will first insert a small tube-like cannula into the targeted donor site to extract excess fat cells. After drawing the unwanted fat cells from the donor site, the surgeon will purify the fat cells and carefully inject them into targeted areas on the buttocks and hips. If necessary, cohesive silicone implants might be placed inside the gluteus muscle to enhance the results of the BBL surgery.


What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Your Brazilian butt lift specialist will perform the butt surgery under general anesthesia, also known as twilight sedation. You will be asleep throughout the procedure, and you’ll wake up in the recovery room.

How long do the results of a BBL last?

BBL surgery is a permanent procedure. The volume of your buttocks might reduce slightly after a few months because your body will absorb some of the transferred fat cells, but the surgeon will have inserted additional fat cells to accommodate the potential for resorption. The final results will last forever.

How many post-op appointments will I have?

You will have at least three post-op follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeons. The first follow-up will be a week after your surgery, the next will be after two months, and the final will be after six months. However, you can also contact the plastic surgeon at any other point if you have any concerns.

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Cirumed Clinic is the leading plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic specializing in the BBL procedure in Marbella, Spain. Our plastic surgery center is led by world-renowned plastic surgeons specializing in cutting-edge surgical techniques that help you achieve natural-looking results. Our surgeons curate highly personalized Brazilian butt lift treatment plans to ensure results that conform to your anatomy and expectations. Our considered approach to BBL surgery allows us to maintain a perfect track record. If you’re looking for a BBL near me, please schedule an appointment at our plastic surgery center on the Costa Del Sol.