Cirumed Clinic is excited to be one of only Plastic surgery departments in Spain to dispose of B-lite lightweight breast implants.

The evolution of lightweight implants has been a long awaited step in the evolution of breast implants.
In lightweight implants there is 30% less weight of the breast implant as compared to conventional breast implants.

As an example,a conventional breast implant with 300cc of volume will weigh 300 grams.
A B-Lite lightweight breast implant of the same 300cc volume only comes to a weight of 225g.

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The impact on patients is massive especially for those who are physically active or are prone to saggy breasts.

B-Lite breast implants are manufactured in Germany and are likely to be the most significant advance in breast implant of the last decade.
The new lightweight implants are of special interest to patients who do a lot of sports, saggy breasts and implant exchange.

The combination of lightweight implants with the supercharging technique, which supplements breast implants with fatgrafting to the cleavage, takes Cirumed surgeons one further step ahead in their thrive to offer the optimum possible breast surgery solution.

By using a lighter implant, we are reducing the stress on the soft tissue which causes excessive stretching. We expect this to help maintain your desired breast shape for longer.






What are the main benefits of B-Lite ?

B-Lite is the world’s lightest breast implant. The cohesive B-Lite gel filler has a reduced density which makes implants up to 30% lighter than the traditional silicone equivalent

The reduced weight of B-Lite breast implants should benefit your lifestyle. We anticipate that you may find exercises like yoga and running more enjoyable with B-Lite

Longer aesthetic lifespan
The reduced weight helps to reduce the weight burden of the implants on the breasts.
Breasts will not sag as quickly and maintain shape for longer
Same procedure – no new techniques for your surgeon. Your preferred surgeon can offer B-Lite without additional training

B-Lite implants are the product of nearly ten years of research, development and extensive testing. The robust cohesive B-Lite gel is wrapped in a market-leading shell from a German maker with 25 years of experience. These shells have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of women over the years and their safety is well documented.

For readers with interest in academic Plastic surgery – see “The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 1-7,2015,
Govrin et al; Lightweight Breast Implants: A Novel Solution for Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction Mammaplasty”

To see examples of our performance in supercharged breast augmentation and breast uplift

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